Review by Maggie S.
United States, on Oct 22, 2022

Pinocchio is so adorable. He has such a soulful expression. His little chair creates a perfect vignette. He is extremely well made. Tatiana is very talented artist. She really brings this character to life. This is my first adoption from this artist and I am eager to see new creations.

Maggie! Thank you for the wonderful words for me, I am very pleased!
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Robert M.
Canada, on Aug 27, 2022

When we first saw the Bereginya bears and the story about them we were captivated. We weren’t disappointed. They are an incredible example of Tatiana’s amazing talent to make her bears seemingly come to life and instantly have their own personalities. Tatiana Is devoted to her craft and it really shows. Thank you so much!
Rob Mitchell

Dear Rob! I am happy that we met, even virtually. Your intelligent, patient, caring attitude to me is very important Thank you very much for appreciating my work! Tatiana
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Luna D.
Norway, on Aug 27, 2022

This Mio bunny is so adorable! <3 Thank you very much, Tatiana! <3 Wonderful customer service, and nice shipping duration.

Dear Luna! Sincere thanks for the warm review and your appreciation of what I do. Best wishes Tatiana
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Kim T.
United States, on May 1, 2021

I live this soulful elephant. She's a true work of art. The attention to details from the eyelids, to the ears, the knees and even toenails! Fabulous!

Thank you, Kim! Thank you, for your patience, thank you for waiting for the elephant that you liked my art. With best wishes Tatiana
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Sep 7, 2020

Yolk is home in Bearscapecottage. He truly is an amazing bear and the most beautiful shade of gold. Your work is divine, Tatiana. Thank you for creating such beautiful bears.

Linda, the bear has come home after all! You met him !!! This is so joyful! I sincerely thank you for your angelic patience and a wonderful response to me! You are the best buyer !!! With love Tatiana
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Aug 22, 2020

This is such a beautifully crafted bear, full of heart and soul. Divine. Thank you Tatiana.

He arrived !!!! I got to Australia, I didn't get lost !!!! Hallelujah! Linda!Thank you very much, I am very, very pleased. Thank you for the great patience you spent waiting for your parcel from Russia for over 3 months. I'm happy!
Tatіana Zelenkova
Review by Vivien G.
United Kingdom, on Oct 25, 2019

Love these characters - so full of character, it's unbelievable. So happy to own them. Every little detail is amazing and I feel so lucky they are mine. I cannot praise them enough!

Vivien! Wonderful words! I am so glad to read them! A huge heartfelt gratitude !!!! You are a wonderful buyer, connoisseur and collector!
Tatіana Zelenkova
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